My new update for has gone live. It was quite a bit of work moving over all the content from the previous Google Sites site. Since nothing is automated, I had to create a new page for each resource on the site. I think it still all came together fairly quickly and I’m pleased with the simple and clean appearance of it.

The last site contained different sections for video and documents. This one mixes them all and organizes them only by BrightSpace tool categories. There’s little icons now indicating what kind of resource it is. I hope people pick up on this fairly quickly. I know there’s some users that prefer to just check the document guides, while others need to see it all in action in a video.

There’s a lot more I’d like to do with this site. I’m starting to put together a package of resources for new teachers. If a teacher finds herself assigned to an eLearning course and knows nothing about the system, they can just look at or watch the suggest starting resources and be on their way. I think a lot of boards would find that useful too.

After that, I’d like to start to put together more resources about effective online pedagogy, but that will certainly be a bigger task. Teaching the tool is easy compared with how to best teach students online.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for coursehelp. I really like it when I can make a video or document based on a request or suggestion. Makes me feel important. 😀

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